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Popular science丨Some misunderstandings hidden in LED electronic display

Time:2019-11-26 View:422
LED electronic display is widely used in our life. Maybe you have a simple understanding of LED electronic display, but do you really have a deeper understanding? Today, some common misunderstandings of LED electronic display screen are clarified and discussed.

I. LED electronic display software is not free. At present, only a few enterprises have genuine software. It's illegal to use piracy now.

II.  point by point correction does not need to use a special driver chip as long as the control system supports, the general driver chip can also achieve point by point correction!

III. Chroma correction is not equal to chroma uniformity correction. Chroma correction is more applied to gamut space conversion.
Under normal circumstances, after brightness correction, the brightness uniformity of the display screen can reach a very high level. In addition to the color gamut space correction, the color fidelity of the display screen can also reach a very high level. Here is an introduction to the chromaticity correction and chromaticity uniformity correction:
1. Chroma correction: to meet the special requirements of the customer for the display gamut space: to correct the display gamut space to the color space specified by the customer. Improve the color fidelity of the display screen and make the color restoration more realistic: correct the color gamut space of the display screen to the standard color space such as sRGB, NTSC, etc.
2. Chromaticity uniformity correction: due to the better accuracy and stability of the color separation machine, and the effective process of mixing lights and crystals, the application of chromaticity uniformity correction is quite limited. When cleaning the inventory, it is necessary to mix a very small amount of scattered wavelength lights on one screen. At this time, chroma uniformity correction is the only choice. Due to errors in the production process, lamps / chips of different wavelengths are mixed and used on the same screen. Chromaticity uniformity correction can be used as the final remedy.

IV. point by point correction is not done by the control system manufacturer, and the correction technology is not tied with the control system. The real necessary conditions for point by point correction are:
1. Control system that can realize point by point correction.
2. High precision and high efficiency light point brightness acquisition equipment. Summary: point by point drive control has been realized for a long time, and the common control systems in the market have this function. However, for the collection of millions of light point data, some control system manufacturers have developed various tools, which are incompatible with other systems. Therefore, there is a misunderstanding that point by point correction and control system are bound and integrated.

V. gray level of LED electronic display screen
The gray level, as a dual primary color and full color display screen, is an important index. At present, the market is full of many 16 and 64 level gray display screen pretending to be 256 level gray. Its control cost is only 1 / 5 of 256 level gray control. The simple way is to play a VCD of a more intense sports scene to see if it can be seen clearly on the LED electronic display screen.